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about us

The Unique Company was born in 2015, when a few wanderers had the idea of a lifetime. We started noticing that too many of our friends and loved ones were unhappy, burnt out and unsatisfied.

Most of them were so preoccupied with “chasing the dream”, that they hardly took any time to sit back, reflect, and simply enjoy the moment.

enough was enough

A Giant Leap Of Faith and 4 Simplicity Bracelets later, an amazing brand was born.

Today, The Unique Company has grown into a global brand, and everyday, we are on a mission to inspire and empower everyone we come into contact with.

how we do this?

By very simple reminders, to ourselves, and to those around us.

It could be a cotton tote bag, or one of our Unique Bracelets, but all our products have a simple meaning and purpose.

We’ve summed our entire brand up into a simple poem written by one of us

How to change the world?
Eat Plants, love animals
Be Grateful, breathe deeply
Live in the moment…
Enjoy nature, listen to music
Drink a little wine sometimes.